We offer a high level of training for youth 3 years old and up. All our programs include professional training.

Age Group
The U.S. Youth Soccer Association groups players into competitive age groups. CLICK HERE to go to the registration page. Please note the registration system will automatically display programs available for your player based on their age.

Playing Season
We offer a fall (August to November) and a spring season (February to May). Fall and spring seasons make one seasonal year. Recreational players have to register each season. Academy/Select players register and commit for a seasonal year (August - May).

Team Assignments 
Recreational team assignments are made with a commitment to developing balanced team rosters based on a distribution of skill levels and ages. Every effort is made to honor scheduling conflicts. Players are assigned to a team in the U5 through U12 age divisions after the assessment day that takes place before each season. All players are assessed for team assignments. Returning players remain on the same team, as long as the team does not overly dominate its division

Select teams (Academy, Athena, and Classic) are chosen on the basis of open tryouts held each year in May/June. If interested, check the UFA web site in April for details on tryout dates and times.

Player Placement
Player Placement is one of the most important aspects of youth soccer today. Children want to enjoy the game while they are playing. Consequently it goes that players should be placed according ability level before anything else. Factors influencing placement are not exclusively those around ability, however, ability is the primary concern when placing a child with an appropriate team or program. Other factors to consider include a player’s social maturity level, physical maturity, commitment, and desire.  

Academy Player Movements
After a player has been selected for an Academy pool, he/she can be moved up or down to a different Academy pool during or between season(s) for the following reasons:

  • Another team is in need of an extra player for a game.
  • The player is not keeping up with the team’s level of skill & ommitment.
  • The player has developed skills beyond the existing team level. 
    Playing Time

Players are guaranteed to play at least half the game. We keep small rosters to make this easier. Playing time, in the Select programs, will be affected if a player is not showing appropriate commitment to his/her team.

Future Academy (U8 players)

United Futbol Academy offers the U8 Future Academy Program for players who are looking for a more challenging environment to develop their soccer skills. CLICK HERE for more information.

Academy/Select Commitment
Because practices are where much of the learning and development take place, participants must attend both practices/week, three for top teams. Occasionally, conflicts arise in which the participant cannot attend a practice. Other activities (music lessons, other sports, homework, vacations, etc.) should be considered before committing to the Select Program to avoid significant interruption of the required practice and game schedule. Remember, the Select Program is a stepping stone to a more competitive level of competition. Therefore, a significant commitment is required to insure that an individual can compete at higher levels of competition.

By accepting a place on a select team roster, a player commits to play the full seasonal year, June through May. For U9 to U14 players, this comprises the fall and the spring season. For U15 through U19, there is only one season of play in the fall with the possibility of a short season and tournaments in the spring, after the high school season is completed. 

Evaluations for select players could be conducted 3 times in a seasonal year: fall mid-season, fall end-season, and spring end-season.

Recreational teams, U8 and up, may participate in one tournament, mainly at the end of the season. They have the option to enter two.

Select teams participate in a minimum of 3 tournaments per season, set by the club. Teams can decide to do more than 3 tournaments per season, which MUST be approved by the club.

Fees associated with pre and post-season tournaments are not included in the registration fee. Teams must register according to the procedures published by the hosting clubs and on the dates specified. Fees for select teams (Academy, Athena, & Classic) will be collected at the first team meeting for the whole season by team managers.

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